Timelines of the Order of the Temple

1118 - Current


Stephen Harding (Abbot of Molesme), Hugues de Champagne, Hugues de Payens and Andre de Montbard, all experts in Arabic language and culture, agree for Hugues de Payens and Godfried of Saint Omar  to go on a pilgrimage to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They are given orders to make contact with The Lodge of the Brotherhood of the Master Masons on their arrival.


The Order of Sion (Guardians of the Holy Grail) established. Hugues de Payens and Godfrield of Saint Omar become members.


Hugues de Champagne, Hugues de Payens and Andre de Montbard return to the Holy Land and commence 4 years of initiation.


The Hospital of St. John established (also called Johanniters), later to become to Order of Malta.


Establishment of the Abby of CLAIRVAUX. Stephen Harding (now Abbot of Citeaux) appoints his best student, BERNARD (aged 25 years), the position of Abbot.


Establishment, by Hugues de Payens, of  "THE ORDER OF THE POOR KNIGHTS OF CHRIST".
Purpose: Protect pilgrims on their way to the holy land.

Nine knights recorded:
• Hugues de Payens or Hugo de Paganis
• Godefroy de Saint-Omer
• André de Montbard
• Hugues I or Hugh
• Geoffroi Bisol
• Archambaud de St. Amand
• Payen de Montdidier
• Rossal
• Gondemar (Gondamer or Gondemare)


The Order took residence in a side wing of the Jerusalem Palace located on the Temple Mount. From then on the Order became "THE ORDER OF THE POOR KNIGHTS OF THE TEMPLE OF JERUSALEM", or just simply; "TEMPLARS".


During the Council of Troyes, the nine founding knights were consecrated and are given their 76 rules from Abbots Stephen Harding and Bernard. They are sanctioned to wear white cloaks with the Mark of Cain.


The Order fell directly under the authority of the Pope thus allowing it to be free of all taxes. Templars supported the buidling of Gothic cathedrals under the supervision of an architect within the Order.


The Order moves its seat to Cyprus.


Jacques de Molay becomes Grand Master of the Order and moves the seat to France.


Due to difficulties with King Philip of France, the building element of the Order becomes independent, led by Knight- builders. This offshoot becomes; "LES COMPAGNONS DU TOUR DE FRANCE".